Solana (SOL) Cryptocurrency Symbol Apron

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Solana is an innovative, highly functional open source project that relies on blockchain technology’s permission-less nature to provide decentralized finance solutions. While Solana is relatively new and was officially launched just a year back, the Solana merch is not coming slow!

Sporting a curious design, Solana clothing is now available to be claimed. Complement your outfit with Solana merchandise made by artisans using top-grade materials sourced locally. The print features vibrant colors that tie in well with your personality and is practically fade-resistant. With this on, you’re sure to get many curious stares trying to understand what the symbolism is for. But don’t fret, the wise ones will figure it out one way or the other.

Solana merchandise also focuses on making decentralized finance accessible on a larger scale so more and more people can benefit from it.







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100% Polyester

One-sided print

Black detachable twill straps